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The internet, whether accessed from a computer, mobile phone or other digital device, has become embedded within modern family life. It is used to buy and sell goods, online banking, finding information and socialising. It can also have a darker side with cyber crime, inappropriate material and illegal activity taking place online effecting both adults and children. E-Safety is concerned with the safeguarding of young people in the "digital" world and ensuring they feel safe when accessing new technology. This section outlines how the Academy ensures you are safe when using the internet both in the Academy and for out of hours learning, and also includes links to other information and websites about E-Safety.

At the Academy we have a range of systems in place to ensure you are safe when using the internet. E-Safety is embedded in the ICT curriculum, raising awareness of the key issues regarding e-safety including security, moral, ethical and legal aspects of internet use and digital communications.


Please take the time to view the latest Academy E-Safety Policy.


Internet Acceptable User Policy

In year 7, you are issued with an internet Acceptable User Policy. This outlines the Academy’s conditions of internet Use. Yourself and your parents/carers are required to read, sign and return the policy to say that you agree with the Academy’s conditions of internet use.


Computer Monitoring Software

We protect you from inappropriate websites and cyber-bullying with a computer monitoring system called E-Safe. Each day a report is sent to the school of any violations that have occurred during the previous 24 hours. The monitoring looks at words typed in any document, phrases used, searches carried out and images accessed. The report will also indicate which individual was involved, the time and date the incident occurred along with the machine that was being used. From this report a log is kept of who has violated the school’s regulations (so that the number taking place over a period of time can be analysed) and each case is discussed with the Assistant Principal who is responsible for the behaviour and safety of Academy students.

Should an incident occur during the day which is deemed of a serious nature (e.g. a bullying issue, or a reference to suicide) then an immediate report will be sent from E-Safe that requires urgent action. The same would also happen outside of school hours if an incident occurred whilst a child was using the school system. Wigan Local Authority already pre-filters websites that are deemed to be inappropriate before we access them at school. In addition the school can also block unsuitable material.


Online Protection

If you understand the internet and understand what the risks are, there are a number of things you can do that will make yourself safer online. Use the following websites to learn more about E-safety.

Thinkuknow is an education initiative by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre - the UK's national law enforcement agency that focuses on tackling the sexual abuse of children. Visit the website for more information.

A new campaign has been launched by the Government and the UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS) called "Click Clever, Click Safe", which is aimed at helping young people and their families to enjoy the internet safely and to act as an everyday reminder of simple good behaviors, to help you and your children avoid common risks online. Visit the website for more information.


Childnet International

Pupils from Abraham Guest Academy are set to become Digital Leaders after joining an innovative new internet safety programme from UK charity, Childnet International. 
Launching in September 2015, the Childnet Digital Leaders Programme aims to empower young people to champion digital citizenship and digital creativity within their schools and to educate their peers, parents and teachers about staying safe online.

By signing up to the programme Abraham Guest Academy will join an exciting online community, where they will access training and support from Childnet’s expert team, record achievements, and collaborate and share inspiration with schools across the UK. Supported by Facebook and the European Union, the programme will also give young people opportunities to engage with leading technology companies and have a say in creating a better internet for the future.

As Mr Eccleshare from Abraham Guest Academy says:
 “We have signed up to the programme to put our learners’ at the heart of our approach to e-safety.  We know this is important and will work with Childnet to further embed this across the academy with the primary aim of preparing our learners for the ever changing digital world.”

By harnessing the power of youth voice, Childnet’s new programme will help Abraham Guest Academy strengthen their e-safety provision. 
In 2014 school inspectors in the UK set out that outstanding e-safety practice in schools involves the active involvement and leadership of young people, but evaluation data from the school self-assessment tool 360 Degree Safe found that while this is improving year on year, it is still one of the weakest areas of e-safety provision in schools. As CEO of Childnet, Will Gardner, explains the programme will help schools like Abraham Guest work towards an outstanding whole school community approach to e-safety.

“This year Childnet turns twenty and we’re excited to be launching a new youth programme, which will help build a new approach to e-safety, putting young people at the heart of the solution. We have been piloting this programme over the last year, with support from Facebook, and the impact of the programme is clear - from safer online behaviours of pupils to the involvement of young people in developing e-safety policies and wider."

For general enquiries please contact Mr Eccleshare by contacting the academy, alternatively email at MEccleshare@abrahamguestacademy.com